Monday, December 17, 2012

Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment - Easy Way to Distribute Heat Evenly

I love curling my hair.   As I've posted in my previous entry, I use heat less curls.  My hair needs a minimum of 4 hours to set in these.  As I've mentioned before, I veer away from heat styling because of the havoc it has wreaked on my hair.  However, there are those times that I really am in a jiffy and do not have enough time to set my hair in curlers.  

This is where this weird looking contraption comes in handy.  It's called a bonnet hair dryer attachment.  Ok let's get through this very quickly.  Let me warn you dear readers, that I have not been possessed by aliens.  I look weird because I am wearing a hood dryer attachment on my head.  

Hood Dryer Attachment.  Messy Background but you get the drift.    

The bonnet attachment is made of shiny and waterproof material.  The waterproof fabric, same as what umbrellas are made of, prevents the heat from seeping through the nozzle and bonnet. Aesthetically speaking, Its fabric is almost the same as what astronauts' suits are made of! LOL!  It has a nozzle where the warm air will travel through from the blow dryer to the bonnet.   The bonnet wraps your head with warm/hot air to dry your hair and to set it faster.  

Using this bonnet attachment allows me to distribute heat evenly through my hair.  This also lessens the heat damage caused by the hot air as the warm air does not get concentrated on one area only.  I think this is much better than directly drying your hair with just a blow dryer. Another good thing that ladies may love about this is that you can actually dry your hair using a blower - hands free! 

I got this hood dyer attachment from Market Market for around 250 Php.  

How I use it is I put all my curlers inside the hood.  I make sure that the sides of the contraption just sit above my ears so the bonnet does not slide down.  I don't want to put my ears inside the bonnet either as it could get pretty warm.

I then insert my hair dryer through the elastic opening at the end.  Once the blower is turned on, the air will travel through the nozzle to the bonnet.

The nozzle comes with an elastic end.  This is where you will put your hair dryer through.
You can adjust the tightness of the hood to the size of your head.  Make sure that the sides of the hood rest above your ears lest you want burnt ears!

To ensure that my hair inside the curlers are 100% dry, it is best to dry your hair inside this hooded attachment for at least 20 mins.  

Thumbs Up Factors:

*  Product is very easy to use.  
*  Inexpensive
*  You can work with your make up and do other stuff as your hair can dry hands free!
*  Heat damage can be minimized as the air is evenly distributed through the hair 
*  Drying time can be minimized as air is evenly distributed

Thumbs Down  Factors:

*  For my type of hair (coarse and damaged) I really don't like the texture blow drying leaves on my hair.  It's not just because of this contraption but this goes to blow drying in general.  I only use this attachment during emergency cases.

*  This contraption looks weird and funny. 

Holy Grail Verdict: 

Effectiveness: 5/5 It does what it claims 

Price: 5/5 249 Php, for those budding cosmetologists and hard core beauty junkies, this is a good investment

Availability: 2/5  I've only seen Market Market sell these attachments. I have not seen any other malls carry this product.  Interested ladies may get theirs from any local beauty supply stores.

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