Saturday, December 29, 2012

Salon Beauvoir - You Brought Out the Believer in me

I have received the best Christmas present as of yet.  I was picked as one of the winners for Salon Beauvoir's Holiday Blow Out Promo.  My prize was a hair cut and hair spa package for two.

I was munching on some food from our Christmas party buffet when I decided to check my Facebook wall for updates.  Lo and Behold when i saw this post:

Salon Beauvoir Holiday Beauty Blowout

I was very ecstatic when I won.  However, truth be told I was queasy about redeeming my win.  You see, because of the state of my hair, I have developed an aversion tovisiting salons.  As a matter of fact, the only person that I trust to cut my hair was Mang Oscar from across the street.   I really avoid going to salons for hair treatments because of the snotty assistants and stylists.  They would jokingly mock my hair and make a big spectacle out of my frizzies.  This is why I actually had second thoughts if I wanted to redeem my prize or not.  I even wished that I could  have gotten the mythic oil instead of the hair spa treatment.

The salon boasted of plush seats and exquisite interiors.  I was all smiles here but deep inside I was apprehensive.

Boy, oh boy was I wrong.  When we first stepped into the salon, I was of course apprehensive.  The interiors were so nice and had an air of old French boudoir.  One of the stylists (Sam, I believe), even apologized for not being able to greet us at the front door.  

I brought my friend with me to share the salon experience with.  We were made to wait about 5 minutes in the lounge area where a bowl of mints was waiting.  My stylist, Chris then lead me to the shampoo area.  I was bracing myself for the criticisms that I would receive once the stylist wet and lathered shampoo on my hair.  However, none came.  He was even considerate enough and asked me if I was sitting comfortably.  After rinsing,  he then tightly wrapped a towel around my head to dry it.

How do I look?           

My tag along for the promo.

We were then served with complementary glass f raspberry iced tea each.  There were other options but we chose this.  The L'Oreal hair treatment was then generously applied on my hair.  A heat cap covered it for about 20 to 30 mins.  I was thoroughly enjoying the experience to the point that I could not remember anymore if my hair was rinsed after or not.  Miss Monette cut my hair afterwards.

Then, my most dreaded part was next.  I asked Chris if it would be possible to just skip the blow drying process.  I requested if we could just air dry it.  I warned him that as soon as a blower touches my hair, the strands would tend to frizz.  He assured me that he could dry it without making it frizzy. I figured, what the heck, I'm already there so I gave it a shot.

I was used to seeing a lion's mane on my head when my hair is being blowdried.  I kept my head low to try to be inconspicuous as I did not want to look at the mirror.  However, Chris was a miracle worker!  He maneuvered his boar hair brush and paddle comb expertly through my tresses.  He was able to dry my hair thoroughly.  HE WAS ALSO ABLE TO STRAIGHTEN MY ROOTS WITHOUT FLAT IRONING it!  I've been having my hair rebonded for years and never did it come close to this smooth during the blow drying process. 

Miss Monette cut my hair.  Chris miraculously dried it.

I was not expecting my hair to be super flat and smooth at all.  Heck, I was only expecting it to smell fragrant.   I had low expectations as I know how damaged and brittle my hair is.  However, Chris and Monette have proven me wrong.  Not only were they good with their techniques, but their customer service skills are impeccable.  Chris would ask me and remind me to speak up if I was getting uncomfortable with the temperature of the blow drier.  I told him that he could abuse it as much as he wanted to as I was used to it.  No pain no gain!  He was very professional.  He asked me where I used to have my hair done without being condescending  or being too forward in selling me their services.

Miss Monette on the other hand was such an angel! She told me she could revive my hair.  I like how she was able to phrase her recommendations constructively when she said she was challenged by my hair.  Miss Monette even showed us pictures of her celebrity clients.   It was very timely because as it turns out, they have a promo on hair rebonding 70 percent off the price.  She said that my hair would cost around 4000 Php.  That is already a steal! I would definitely go back to the salon on January to have my hair rebonded.

After blow drying my hair straight, Chris then asked me to put Kerastase Elixir on my hair to give it a bit of sheen.  Actually, I've been lemming to try these elixirs as I read they're really good.  It is a good thing that Salon Beauvoir carries them.  They even had testers of all the 4 variants on the counter.  I was really impressed by this.  Imagine, each bottle costs around 2000 Php and here I had the liberty of trying any of them on.
Kerastase Elixirs available at the salon.  Clients may try them first before testing.

I thought that this day could not get any better.  Imagine my glee when Miss Monette told me that one of my favorite beauty bloggers, Iya from Missplpify.Blogspot.Com was due to arrive any moment for an appointment.  My friend and I waited for her.  We also met her very good friend and photographer, Henri Villegas.  Here I am with the very pretty Iya! Major fan moment

Moi, Miss Monette, Henri  

Holy Grail Verdict:

Effectiveness: 7/5   I was not expecting my hair to cooperate after being blow driedTechnique and service skills are impeccable.  I'm definitely switching salons!

Price: 3/5  This is a high end salon so expect to pay a bit extra.  Hair spa and cut we got was worth 1000 Php each.

Availability:  3/5 This is very accessible in Makati.  This is just close to the Manila Peninsula Hotel.

 Salon Beauvoir
7912 Upper G/F, Somerset  Olympia , Makati Ave.
904 5154