Monday, November 26, 2012

Achieve Heatless Curls with Curlformers

Hello there Beauty Holy Grail Questors! I have a question, if your house is ever on fire, what (not who, we're talking about beauty products here) would you save first?

My answer to that would be...


Photo From Ebay
Curlformers are hair curling tools that do not use heat. This is a great tool for girls who want to save their hair from heat.  This is also an excellent way for me to stretch my hair especially if the rebonded hair tends to grow out.  I am able to stretch my rebond to 2 more months before going back to the salon to touch up my roots.  This is also a great help for ladies who want to transition (growing out the rebonded hair and abstaining from relaxing or rebonding it EVER again).

They come in different sizes.  I got the largest size (Extra Wide and Long). These give you the beachy wave look.   There are 8 curlers in a pack and a hook. The curlers look like an aerated tube that allows your hair to dry.  At the end of each curler is a rubber grip that ensures that it stays put in your hair, it won't slide off.  There are 2 colors in a pack. The reason for this is because each color turns a different  way.
The yellow curler curls to the right, the pink ones to the left
Even though a pack of 8 curlers contain only 1 hook, I was able to get a total of 9 from my other collection of local curlers (Magic Leverage). While waiting for the original Curlformers, I bought the local version from a local seller in Facebook, hence the 9 hooks.  It makes installation of these easier and faster.

Collection of 9 hooks for easier and faster installation

Do not be intimidated by these curlers. They are really easy to use once you've gotten the hang of it. I can even install mine in 15 minutes without a mirror!  IYou just need to open up the tube, and insert the hook.  Once inserted, have your hair in small sections (1 inch). Twist your hair at the roots.  Hook the Curlformer onto your hair and pull the hook through.

Squeeze the rubber grip at the end and insert the hook
Twist your hair and attach your hair through the hook.  Pull the hook through the curlformer. Photo from MYBEAUTYREVIEWBLOG.COM

After installing the curlers, I just spritz my hair with water.  

I like to apply the pink and yellow curlers on the left and right side of my head respectively. This ensures that I'd get defined curls and less frizz. It is best to use these curlers on DAMP (NOT SOAKING WET) hair. Since my hair is so special and really has a mind of its own (frizz feast!) I apply these curlers on dry hair.  I just use a spray bottle and spray my hair with water after all the curlers have been installed.  You can use a blow dryer or let your hair dry naturally.  I sleep on these curlers and after 8 hours, I can remove them.  

Pink at the left and yellow at the right

You need to allow your hair to dry in these curlers for at least 5 hours.  These are pretty comfy to sleep in once you get used to them.  If using a blow dryer, dry your hair using medium heat for about 20 mins.  You need to ensure that your hair is totally dry before removing them otherwise you'll end up having frizzy and weird looking hair all day.

These are the results after 8 hours of air drying my hair.  To separate the sections, finger comb your hair.

Finger combed hair. I did not apply any products after removing the curlers.  

Curls stay all day.  Curls become looser but do not lose their form at all.  To maintain their shape, I just finger comb my hair after every few hours.  Refrain from touching your hair too much to avoid frizzies.

My curls look nice even after 6 hours!

Overall, this really is indeed the epitome of a Holy Grail product for me. The damage my hair has sustained from the chemical processes cannot be reversed but at least using these Curlformers avoid further harm. I rarely use heat on my hair as I only air dry my hair after applying these curlers.
I could not reamble enough how much I depend on these curlers. These are not a want but a need. I have so many good things to say about these Curlformers. The only bad thing is that I don't think that we have a retailer here in the Philippines who sells original curlformers. From my curly expeditions, I know we have the local version called "Magic Leverage".
I got my Curlformers from an online seller in Facebook (Moi Cosmetics).

Holy Grail Verdict: 

Price: 10/5 (these will last you a lifetime unless you go and gnaw on the rubber ends)
Effectiveness: 10/5(Whoa!!!)
Availability: 1/5 (go to to learn how to order)


  1. Wow, the curls are beautiful! :)

    Let's follow each other? :) Let me know! :)

    Jamie Kate

  2. hehh sure sis! and yes the curls even hold up throughout the day

    1. Hello! Following you now ;)
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  3. jamie im already following you. i go by the name of miz eloise

  4. jamie im already following you. i go by the name of miz eloise

  5. Hi, how did you order yours online? I've been trying to search everywhere on how to order it online here, but not through the official store, since I don't have Paypal. I've tried Magic Leverage but the curls don't really stay for long, I think the original Curlformers might be better for me.
    I searched for the shop you mentioned, Moi Cosmetics, but I think they're selling only make-up for now? ;(( I really want to own an original Curlformers set.

    1. Hi i havent bloggrd forever im jist wondering if you have had any luck with finding a seller here?

    2. Hi i havent bloggrd forever im jist wondering if you have had any luck with finding a seller here?