Thursday, January 31, 2013

I won!!!

I've really been stressed about work lately.  It has become so demanding.  I wish there were 25 hours in a day to complete all the tasks needed! I oftentimes spend extra hours in the office just to finish everything.

So it is indeed a very pleasant surprise to win the Beauty Junkee's Commenter of the Month Contest.  I was getting ready for bed and scrolling  through my Facebook newsfeed when I saw that Miss Martha has announced that she has picked a winner.

So I went to her site and when I saw my mug on her page, I literally screamed! OEMGEE! There it was, my picture, in her blog!

Miz Eloise as the January Commenter of the Month - The Beauty Junkee

I guess this is the feeling of celebrities when they see themselves in the big screen or even on TV.  Oh my God, I was ecstatic.

That was one happy feeling.  I love being surprised (good surprise of course).  I've whined here how disappointed I was when I did not win in the contest that I was really vying for last year.  Since then, I've been cynical about contests and have not really held my breath for them.

So without further ado, let me thank Ms Martha, or Ms M of The Beauty Junkee for appreciating my comments.  I have always been a fan of her blog.  Her literary style appeals to me as she does not seem to be "maarte" or "try hard".

So that's it friends.  I just want to share my happy news to you.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dry Hair Using an Old Cotton Shirt

Hi friends.  Long time no post! Busy busy busy!  I've always whined at the state of my hair and has recently resigned to the fact that it's already a lost cause.  I've undergone yet another rebonding treatment to straighten it, so definitely the frizzies are working overtime!

I have naturally coarse and curly hair.  My hair abhors blow dryers! Oh, it's on Narnia alert during trips to the salon where blow drying is in order.  The strands tend to go awry when they meet air from the blow dryer - let alone hot air.

So how do I dry my hair? Simple, I use the old shirt method:

1) Air dry your hair.  Make sure that the dampness level is just around 50%.  Does not work well if your mane is dripping wet.

2) Pick any old shirt. I don't know if there's such a thing as a satin shirt but a cotton one will do.  The neckline should just be of the right fit, not too loose, not too tight.  (unless you want to strangle yourself eh - then that's a different post)

3) Put the shirt on, pull it just a bit above your forehead.  Don't pull it all the way through. You should look like you're wearing a veil!

4) Leave it on your head until your hair is about 95 to 100% dry.  

Tadaa!!! instant Dryer!

Don't I look sexy! Wahahah this is how I dry my hair folks.


* Cheaper alternative than purchasing a blow dryer

* Does not cause frizzies!!! My unruly hair does not get aggravated at all.  If anything, it contains the frizz, compelling my hair to stay aligned and the strands to "stand straight" and not stray away.  This is the next best thing to flat ironing hair to just shoo those frizz away.  The fiber on towels (even microfibers) act as velcro to the hair.

* Available everywhere (unless you walk around naked or don't know anyone who owns a shirt. In that case, time to reflect on your interpersonal skills hahahah!)

* Very easy to do


* Drying time may be longer for some- My hair tends to dry quick, and it also tends to frizz before you can even say "humidity"!  Hey, if it controls the frizz, I'm more than willing to wait!

* You will look weird - Just see the pic above

So there you have it folks.  That's just one of the many weird beauty rituals that I have.  How about you? I'd love to know your weird regimens!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Red Konadicure - When Less is Actually More

Nail art can be addicting especially when you've achieved excellent results from your previous manicures/pedicures.  However, when do you know if you should hold back on the decorating and leave your nails as they are?

I had my manicure yesterday and although my nails are still in tip top shape today, I've decided to jazz them up by stamping.  Unfortunately,  I think I should have left them alone as I think they're much better without the design.

Oh well, lesson learned - less is more.

Top: Bobbie Polish in Vamp.  Botom: Same polish stamped with Konad.  Should I just have left my   digits alone? Is less really more?

I'd love to know what you think.  

Red Nails and a Pink Bag

Happy rainy Tuesday everyone! I got off work early today.  I spent the extra hours to have my mani-pedi session and bought a new accessory for my mobile blogging arsenal aka my bluetooth keyboard.   I am planning of doing another Konadicure tomorrow to spice up my newly reddened nails.

I actually chose red on both my hands and feet though in different tones.

On my hands, I used Bobbie in Vamp.  I like this orange color because it suits my skin tone well.  It has orange undertones and in my opinion makes my hands look healthier (if that makes any sense)

Bobbie "Vamp" on my nails.  This has an orange undertone which makes my hands look healthy.  Notice how shiny my digits are.
Caronia "Simply Red" has bluish undertone. It makes my skin look fair - I think
I grew tired of lugging the keyboard in the Betsy Johnson bag that my cousin gave me because I thought I looked like a manicurist who will do home service on a client. Hahahah!  I picked up this girly pink hard case instead.  It is actually a laptop/netbook bag but my keyboard and charger fit nicely here.  By the way, do you have any recommendations for a good bluetooth mouse? The one I bought last week does not seem to be compatible with my phone.   Boohoo :-(
A Laptop Bag - even though all I have is a keyboard Hahahah!
Anyway, I am really thankful for this bluetooth keyboard.  I am now able to blog from my room instead of having to fight my way through the net shop amidst the noisy players.

I hope you enjoy this post guys.  I am now off to dreamland.  Til my next post :-)

Monday, January 21, 2013

Shangri La Circles - Food Porn

A week ago, we welcomed our US counterpart by having a festive dinner at Circles, Shangri - La Makati.  It was a very filling experience.  For a moment, I forgot about my so called "diet" and exercise.  It was time for me to gorge! I also vowed to get my oyster fix as I was not able to eat as much as i wanted to during my first visit there last year.  So friends, without further ado, join me in reminiscing my food porn moments...

Need I say more?  I'm drooling again just looking at these pics!

Holy Grail Verdict:

Price: 2/5

This is a very expensive buffet. From my recollection, it's around 2,200 Php per head.  People who want to venture into this food adventure may want to keep their eyes peeled for discounts and coupons.

Quality: 5/5 The food selection is vast and quality is superb!

I really enjoyed this experience. I'd like to schedule a date here with my bf. I think that will be another happy moment. Heck, even without him, as long as it has something to do with food, it will be a happy moment.  Teehee!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mobile Blogging - Woes and Wonders

Hello Friends! I hope all of you are having a very peaceful Sunday.  I'm just lazying it up at home.  For some of you who may know me or whom I have stumbled upon during one of my blog hopping moments, you may have read that I do not own a laptop or PC.  I do all my blogging on a rented computer or on my old I Phone 4.   And that's really pitiful as I have to concentrate blogging amidst all the rowdy players in the computer shop.

That's changing now guys as I have recently acquired my Samsung Note 2. I'm happy to report that there should not be any more excuses for me to miss out on any posts of my fave bloggers as I can blog anywhere.

Blogging while Snacking

Blogging while on the bus - Tyring to keep the phone steady on my lap

So if any of you own a Samsung phone and want to  blog from it, here are my recommended items:

* Bluetooth Keyboard (a must)
* Null Keyboard application from Playstore (must for me)
* Bluetooth Mouse (optional as my phone comes with a stylus anyway)
* Internet Connection (Duh?! A must of course)

The null keyboard application actually prevents the Samsung keyboard from popping up and taking up half of the screen space when I type in something.

I am really loving this phone!

Sally Hansen Silver Sweep - Nail Porn

Hello everyone.  I hope you are all having a grand time.  I've  really been a good girl these past few weeks as  I've controlled myself from hitting the malls.  Payday is still a  week away and  there are actually a lot of things I want to get my hands on.  However for the meantime, let me just be content with spending quality me time at home.  I'm planning to do another Konadicure this weekend.  It's a way for me to de-stress.

My Holy Grail stamping polish is Sally Hansen Silver Sweep.  It's really opaque and makes the design pop on your nails.

Let me share with you a few nail designs I've done for the past few weeks using this polish:

Nail Porn Yipee!!!

* Really opaque
* Affordable at around 369 Php
* Available at all leading department stores
* Lasts a long time, texture does not get tacky for around 4     months


* The design has a tendency to bleed if the stamper is pressed too hard against the nails unlike the China Glaze Romantique polishes. 

* Polish has a tendency to turn gray one diluted with nail polish solvent.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Konadicure - Catching Up On Lost Time

Hello, hello, hello loves! I know this entry is long overdue as Christmas is so over! However, I'd still like to share with you how I made sure that I still get to spend a very special holiday last year.  Why post only now - you may ask. Well , this was actually a guest entry I made for another blog.  I am sharing this to you as it just got posted yesterday.

So please pardon my tardiness in putting this up, let's just pretend that it's still the holiday season. Anyway, the weather's still cold, so I guess that should count for something heheeheh.

OK, here goes nothing:

How does an Asian beauty celebrate Christmas without succumbing to the commercial lure of shops and stores?  Unfortunately I had to settle quite a few financial obligations so I was not able to get anything new for myself.  I'm not however going to let this get me down.  While other beauties out there are enjoying in the snow, or shopping for gifts, here I am in our very tropical living room trying to prep myself for the big day.  

Since we have not put up a Christmas tree this year, I've decided to exert my decorating panache on my nails.  It has also proven to be a good pick-me-upper.  I've also decided to offer my services to my cousin as an additional Christmas gift for her.  This is a good tip for ladies out there As well, do your loved ones’ nails as a present to them!
 So before I bombard you with nail porn, let me just tell you that Christmas is what you make it.  You can still definitely deck the halls in your blinged out nails without a single swipe of that Visa or Mastercard.

Please note that no pet was harmed during the shooting of these photos

It does not get any more Christmassy than these nails!

Materials Used

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hair Heroes Intense + Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder : A Match Made in Hair Heaven

If there's one thing that can top the the wedding of the century of Prince William and Kate Middleton last 2011, it's definitely the union of Snoe's Hair Heroes Intense and Hair Invisible Wonder.

Hair Heroes Intense + Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder = a Match Made in Hair Heaven

I kid you not folks. My very unruly hair is loving this combo!  Truly, they are a match made in hair heaven!

What exactly am I talking about? Well, for those of you who may not have heard of these babies from Snoe yet, let me give you a brief introduction.

Snoe Hair Heroes Intense is a sulfate free 5 in one hair product which has Argan Oil as one of its chief components.  It is a cleansing conditioner, conditioner, deep treatment mask, de - tangler and leave - on conditioner.

Snoe Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder on the other hand is a superb cleansing oil shampoo which boasts of containing macadamia oil and avocado oil.

I know I've already raved about Hair Heroes Intense and a bit of Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder from my previous post.  However, I want to share with you how their marriage makes my hair very very very blissful.


* They both boast of having ZERO SULFATES

*Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder is a very hardworking partner in cleansing the hair.  It makes my hair squeaky clean.  If I scrape my nail through my scalp, there is no build up.

* Invisible Wonder takes out the grime and dirt from my scalp. I don't know how it does it, it probably melts the grime and it gets washed off during the rinsing process.

* Hair Heroes Intense is very excellent in taming my frizzy ends!

* They both smell nice.  Hair Heroes Intense has a trace of coconutty smell.  Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder has more of a mixture of peanuts and coconut.   

* They are both easy to rinse off.  You can get away with leaving some of Hair Heroes Intense on your hair for that extra slip.


* Pricey.  They each cost 499 Php.

* Packaging of the Hair Heroes Intense is not practical.  The pump does not dispense product easily because its consistency is thick.  That is why I replaced it with a regular flip top cap.

I don't see these two divorcing any time soon.  These two Hair Heroes are loving each other. My hair is in love with them.  Can you tell that we're one small happy family? *wink*

Simple Joys - Thankful Thursday

As what you may already know, I don't have a lot of make ups and beauty items at my disposal.  How I wish that I am able to live by the role of being a certified beauty blogger by having tons of products to review.  However, just the same I am still thankful for the little things in life that I am able to enjoy.

Let me share with you my simple joys:

Beaten Up Melissa Disney Glam Flats

My ever supportive partner in crime AKA BF. Please note that's not my daughter. She's my niece. 

Our new friend: Missy

Spending time with my niece while working out. Check out  Missy at the back

That's all folks. I always try to live by the adage that the glass is always half full.  I try my best to find the joy in everything.

Hope everyone's having a great week.  Hang in there, the weekend's almost here!

Samsung Note2 - What kept me away

Hello friends.  Good day, I am happy to inform you that I have not yet been erased from the face of the earth.  I have been really busy tinkering with my new toy that's why I have not posted anything in 48 years.  I want to share with you my friends the new gadget that I have
Loving my eyelashes and nails
It is the Samsung Note 2 phone.  I was contemplating between getting this and a netbook. Apparently, this gadget won.

Nails Galore

I  am really hoping that I can post entries on a regular basis using the phone  I bought a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to make typing easier.  As you know, I do not have a desktop or laptop computer.

And before I end this post, let me share with you a good use I've found for my cosmetics bag:

Betsy Johnson Makeup Bag cum Gadget Holdall.  I put my blogging arsenal inside

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Snoe Hair Heroes - League of their Own

Hello Friends! Long time no post.  I've been busy with work.  Anyway , let me share with you the hardworking heroes that have been helping my hair.

I am talking about Snoe's Hair Heroes Cleansing Conditioners and Shampoos.  Snoe boasts of products that are SLS free yet are very effective in cleansing the hair.  SLS are what make shampoos lather.   As what the hair gurus would preach, Sodium Lauryl Sulfates actually strip the scalp of its natural oils.   When the scalp is stripped, it tends to overcompensate by producing more oil.  I could really attest to this because I used to use Clear (ahem, sorry for the name drop) shampoo and the next day, my hair would already be a grease ball.  I've tried going the no poo route (no shampoo) by using baking soda to clean my scalp, but my hair did not like it.  It rebelled by having a frizz feast.  A quick trip to the mall lead me to discover these Heroes that would eventually rescue my hair,
From Left: Hair Heroes Extreme, Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil, Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder, Hair Heroes Honey Olive Clementine

Let's do a quick run down of the special powers each hero has:

Hair Heroes Extreme Cleansing Conditioner:     

Photo Credit

I've already done a review of this in my previous post.  To be honest, this is my least favorite hero.  This cleansing conditioner boasts of Emu Oil and Acai berry to protect hair from heat damage.  It also promises to strengthen color damaged hair.  I've noticed from the hair that fell from my head, the strands were somewhat thicker.  I guess this is a good thing as it really strengthened my tresses.  I also love its bubblegum scent.  I would even smell my hair even if I just applied a little bit of this and used it as a pomade.   The only problem for me is because of its strengthening properties, it made my hair really frizzy at the ends and stiff.  I will not throw this away but I will not buy it again either.  I will still use this say once a month to thicken my hair.    Oh, if anything, this is a really good shaving lotion,        

Honey Olive Clementine Damage Recovery Cream Shampoo:

Photo Credit
This hero cleans gently but effectively.   Snoe says that it helps hair recover from damage. What I love about this is that the hair is already soft even before stepping out of the shower.  It also has a divine scent.  Since this is SLS free, it does not lather much.  Hair also tends to become greasy days after shampooing.  And yes folks, don't condemn me, it is bad to wash your hair every day.  If Snoe did not come up with their Invisible Wonder shampoo, I would hoard this!

Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil Cleansing Conditioner:

Photo Credit:

And now we get to the Big League! This would not be hailed as Snoe's December product of the month for nothing.  I started my blog to profess my love for this hero.  From my experience, this cleansing conditioner really makes my hair smooth and frizz free.  I also love its coconutty smell.  This is also very effective as a straightening and taming balm.   Several magazines has hailed this as a favorite.  The only drawback of this conditioner is that it tends to buildup on my scalp.  I address this by using Snoe Invisible Wonder.  If stuck in an island and I could only bring one product for my hair, this would be it!

Snoe Invisible Wonder Cleansing Shampoo

Photo Credit:

This is the baby among the Hair Heroes  Not only is this the smallest in size (200 ml), this is also the newest hero released in the market among the four Heroes mentioned here.  I have learned from the Beautyjunkee's blog that oil removes oil.  And this baby does that job well! This is small but terrible in cleansing my scalp especially in removing the buildup left by Hair Heroes Intense on my scalp.  Right after stepping out of the shower, I could really tell that my hair is squeaky clean.  If I run my fingers through my scalp, there is no buildup either.  The best part about this is that even though this is sulfates free, it lathers just like a regular shampoo. I don't know how it does that , it just works!  This will definitely replace my Hair Heroes Damage Recovery Cream as my cleansing shampoo.  This smells also nice, somehow gourmand like. Because of the extreme cleansing power of this baby, users need to follow it up with a conditioner.  

To sum it all up, if my house were on fire, the heroes that I would save would be the Hair Heroes Intense and Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New Year Celebration

I know this is a super late post already.  However, I still want to get itout.  I've mentioned in my previous post that I spent New Year at my aunt's place.  Even though I did not go home, I still had a lot of fun because her family is so generous and accommodating.  I easily gained a kilo just by staying at their place over the weekend.  I brought my friend along with me to join in the celebrations.  We were even given matching tops, how cute is that?

My friend, My Aunt, Moi, My Aunt's Grand daughter .

Partners In Crime - B1 and B2? 

Caught In the Act

Yum Yum Yum Delicioso
I did my Aunt and cousin's nails for the New Year. They gave me a Betsey Johnson cosmetics bag and Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo.  My friend was gifted with a Victoria's Secret Lotion. Aren't they the best?

Holiday Nails and Haul

Anyway I wish to greet you a very Happy New Year.  Let 2013 be a better version of 2012!  How about you, how did you spend your New Year?