Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Orly Glitz - Feel Festive without Breaking the Bank

Christmas is only a week away yet I don't really feel like it's almost here.  I guess because we don't really have decorations at home and I have not bought gifts yet.  Call that mundane but yeah, these things add to the spirit of the season.  What I'm actually looking forward to is my paycheck which comes days after Christmas.

Anyway, to boost my festive mood, I have decided to stamp my nails again.  This time, I used Orly Glitz as stamping polish.  I bought this months ago but this is just my first time to use it. I actually felt buyer's remorse right after I stepped away from the cashier as I was not in love with it.  I kept it away for a long time and while I was rummaging through my things last time, I remembered I have this lying around. 

Glitz appears to be somehow translucent and opaque at the same time.  I guess this is because of the silver specks in it.  I wish the effect would really be translucent and foil like a la Romantique.

This polish only works well if partnered with a really dark base.  I thought this would be as good as China Glaze Romantique polishes.  I was obviously wrong.

On the plus side, I like how Orly noted that people have a hard time unscrewing the polish cap as it may get slippery.  This polish actually has a rubber covered cap to prevent your hands from slipping when you're trying to unscrew it.

I would still use this but only on a dark base.  

Orly Glitz as Stamping Polish

Do my nails look Christmassy enough?

Design still gets transferred to the nails. However I feel that China Glaze Romantique works much much better.

Other materials used:

Random Metallic Plum Polish

Konad M63 Plate (Image from

Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat 

In fairness, this works with stamping. However, the designs are not as crisp as compared to China Glaze Romantique.  Looking closely at the bottle, there are actually miniscule specks of silver under the gold tone.  Of course, once the excess polish is scraped off the image plate, what's left would be a combination of gold base and silver specks.  The result would be images that are not so crisp and defined.

I am actually loving this post as this goes to show that I don't really have to have excessive Christmas hauls to feel festive.  I'm even planning on posting ways how we can celebrate Christmas and be in the festive mood without breaking the bank.

Whatd'ya think?

Holy Grail Verdict:

Effectiveness:   3/5

Price:  3/5 Around 350 Php at all leading department stores in the Philippines

Availability: 4/5

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