Friday, November 30, 2012

Much Ado About Nothing (Snoe Beauty Raffle)

How would you feel if something that you've been aspiring for does not happen? What would you do if it's something you've worked hard for yet you don't achieve it?  Bawl your eyes out and throw a hissy fit, I suggest hhahah!

Snoe Beauty Inc threw a raffle contest in FB today. Fans were supposed to guess what their item of the month for December is.  Fans can post multiple times.  They would draw 3 lucky winners.  

Since I'm not one to leave it all to fate or luck, I prepared for this contest.  On a daily basis for two weeks, I've been scouring and rummaging through various beauty blogs to get clues and information as to what this might be.  I went to their FB page evry 30 mins to post my entries. I actually want to apologize for having flooded their page.  As it turned out, the answer was none other than-

Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil!

It was much ado about nothing really. I would PM them and count down to the final moments of the raffle draw.  With all the fuss I've been through, you'd think I was vying for a house and lot showcase!

The prize at stake was the same loot bag that bloggers were given during the 3rd Beauty Bloggers evet last Nov 17.  Frankly speaking, I could actually afford those items.  It's just that it gets more exciting and memorable if I actually won instead of buying them.  There's just a different kind of high I get everytime a parcel is delivered at my doorstep! The anticipation and waiting make it more worth it.

These were the prizes at stake

As what my mom always , it might not have been for me.  This experience taught me that no matter how hard you try, if it's not meant to happen, it won't happen.  However, the optimist in me tells me that there's always a next time and there's always something more that i could have done better to improve chances of winning.

Oh well, til next time...

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Snoe Awesome Poresome Microdermabrasion Retexturizing Polish

Hello friends. I've been meaning to blog yesterday but I got busy. That and the fact that it's hard to blog on my mobile phone. Oh well... I am a big Snoe fan. I love that they're Philippine made and that I've found 2 Holy Grail items from them (Snoe Argan Oil Cleansing Conditioner and Olive Clementine Shampoo). I decided to drop by their kiosk in Megamall two weeks ago. I was not really planning on buying something however Snoe really has that unknown force that compels you to take out your wallet and buy something! Is it a spell? LOL! So two weeks ago I succumbed to the force and bought Snoe Awesome Poresome. 

Presenting Snoe Awesome Poresome Microdermabrasion Retexturizing Polish

Snoe describes this as a strategic attack on misbehaving pores Awesome Poresome Dermabrasion Retexturing Polish helps smooth out fine lines, decongests skin, even out skin tone, helps fade discoloration and encourage cell turnover. It will leave skin significantly smoother, younger looking, radiant and revitalized. A powerful and highly effective exfoliating treatment that also addresses dull, aging, flaking and congested complexion. I think less expensive products also work the same way if not, much better.

What I love about Snoe Awesome Poresome though is that there is a minty sensation that lingers on the skin after the product has been rinsed off. A word of caution to you guys who will be using Snoe. Please ensure that you massage this AWAY from your eyes. The first time I tried this product, I closed my eyes and just scrubbed my face as if I was using a regular foaming face wash. However, after I rinsed it off and washed my face, some gritty granules actually got lodged on my lashline. I went to work feeling like there was a grain sand in my left eye. I ended up rubbing my eye until it was bloodshot. Not a pretty sight! Does it live up to its claim? I don't think so. I'm not a fan of the smell either. Other people rave about it but it's just so so for me. I've been using St. Yves Timeless Skin Micro dermabrasion and it fared better on my skin than Snoe did. If I can make a recommendation to Snoe, I wish they can add anti acne properties to the Awesome Poresome Polish. Needless to say, I will just finish my tub. I don't think I will be buying this again.

Product's texture is thick and gritty

Holy Grail Verdict:

Effectiveness: 3/5
Price: 2/5 (399 Php )
Packaging: 3/5 (I wish this just came in a tube. When screwing the lid back on, there are granules that get lodged in the lid)
Availability: 4/5
Holy Grail Material Factor: 3/5

What do you guys think?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Achieve Heatless Curls with Curlformers

Hello there Beauty Holy Grail Questors! I have a question, if your house is ever on fire, what (not who, we're talking about beauty products here) would you save first?

My answer to that would be...


Photo From Ebay
Curlformers are hair curling tools that do not use heat. This is a great tool for girls who want to save their hair from heat.  This is also an excellent way for me to stretch my hair especially if the rebonded hair tends to grow out.  I am able to stretch my rebond to 2 more months before going back to the salon to touch up my roots.  This is also a great help for ladies who want to transition (growing out the rebonded hair and abstaining from relaxing or rebonding it EVER again).

They come in different sizes.  I got the largest size (Extra Wide and Long). These give you the beachy wave look.   There are 8 curlers in a pack and a hook. The curlers look like an aerated tube that allows your hair to dry.  At the end of each curler is a rubber grip that ensures that it stays put in your hair, it won't slide off.  There are 2 colors in a pack. The reason for this is because each color turns a different  way.
The yellow curler curls to the right, the pink ones to the left
Even though a pack of 8 curlers contain only 1 hook, I was able to get a total of 9 from my other collection of local curlers (Magic Leverage). While waiting for the original Curlformers, I bought the local version from a local seller in Facebook, hence the 9 hooks.  It makes installation of these easier and faster.

Collection of 9 hooks for easier and faster installation

Do not be intimidated by these curlers. They are really easy to use once you've gotten the hang of it. I can even install mine in 15 minutes without a mirror!  IYou just need to open up the tube, and insert the hook.  Once inserted, have your hair in small sections (1 inch). Twist your hair at the roots.  Hook the Curlformer onto your hair and pull the hook through.

Squeeze the rubber grip at the end and insert the hook
Twist your hair and attach your hair through the hook.  Pull the hook through the curlformer. Photo from MYBEAUTYREVIEWBLOG.COM

After installing the curlers, I just spritz my hair with water.  

I like to apply the pink and yellow curlers on the left and right side of my head respectively. This ensures that I'd get defined curls and less frizz. It is best to use these curlers on DAMP (NOT SOAKING WET) hair. Since my hair is so special and really has a mind of its own (frizz feast!) I apply these curlers on dry hair.  I just use a spray bottle and spray my hair with water after all the curlers have been installed.  You can use a blow dryer or let your hair dry naturally.  I sleep on these curlers and after 8 hours, I can remove them.  

Pink at the left and yellow at the right

You need to allow your hair to dry in these curlers for at least 5 hours.  These are pretty comfy to sleep in once you get used to them.  If using a blow dryer, dry your hair using medium heat for about 20 mins.  You need to ensure that your hair is totally dry before removing them otherwise you'll end up having frizzy and weird looking hair all day.

These are the results after 8 hours of air drying my hair.  To separate the sections, finger comb your hair.

Finger combed hair. I did not apply any products after removing the curlers.  

Curls stay all day.  Curls become looser but do not lose their form at all.  To maintain their shape, I just finger comb my hair after every few hours.  Refrain from touching your hair too much to avoid frizzies.

My curls look nice even after 6 hours!

Overall, this really is indeed the epitome of a Holy Grail product for me. The damage my hair has sustained from the chemical processes cannot be reversed but at least using these Curlformers avoid further harm. I rarely use heat on my hair as I only air dry my hair after applying these curlers.
I could not reamble enough how much I depend on these curlers. These are not a want but a need. I have so many good things to say about these Curlformers. The only bad thing is that I don't think that we have a retailer here in the Philippines who sells original curlformers. From my curly expeditions, I know we have the local version called "Magic Leverage".
I got my Curlformers from an online seller in Facebook (Moi Cosmetics).

Holy Grail Verdict: 

Price: 10/5 (these will last you a lifetime unless you go and gnaw on the rubber ends)
Effectiveness: 10/5(Whoa!!!)
Availability: 1/5 (go to to learn how to order)

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Snoe Hair Heroes Honey Olive Clementine

I consider myself a Beauty Holy Grail questor.  I am always on the search for products that would work for me, especially my hair.  I've always had a hard time looking for a good shampoo.  My hair tends to frizz if not dried properly.  This has always been a problem for me. That was until I met another hero.  Snoe's Honey Olive Clementine Shampoo that is.

Hair Heroes Honey Olive Clementine Cream Shampoo

As with the much hyped about Snoe Argan Oil Cleansing Conditioner, this shampoo does not contain any sulfates.  This was what really caught my attention.  The lather from the shampoos that we are using contains sulfates, and this is what causes the foam.  Too much sulfate on the hair is bad as it just strips the natural oils from our scalp.  When the scalp is stripped, it tends to overcompensate by producing more oil.  So we tend to wash it away by using sulfate shampoos.  Oh what a vicious cycle! I've proven this to be true because I used to use Clear Anti dandruff shampoo (even though I don't have dandruff).  I liked the squeaky clean feel it gave my hair. On my hair's second day , I would notice that it would become super oily and lanky again.  When I combed my hair, I would notice a LOT of hair falling on the floor.  I used to comb my hair outside my room cause I did not want those pesky hairs on my bedroom floor (hehehe)

Details at the Back
Nice Consistency

Pump comes with a "stopper"

Since I switched to Snoe Cream Shampoo, I noticed LESS hairfall.  I use this prior to conditioning with Snoe Argan Oil Conditioner.  What I like about this shampoo is that even though it is sulfates free, it still somehow produces a bit of lather.  Don't expect to have a foamy head guys as this shampoo is not really meant to lather.  It is just meant to cleanse your hair.  If you really have bad product buildup on your hair, I suggest you use baking soda to clean your hair (do this sparingly as it opens up your cuticles and makes your hair dry).

I use about 6 pumps of this baby on my hair.  I mix it in a dipper (tabo) and then whisk it with my fingers to produce lather.  I then apply this on my hair concentrating on the roots.  I massage this on my hair for about 3 minutes.  I put 3 or 4 more pumps on my palm and then apply it on the roots.  I then rinse it completely.

After rinsing, my hair somehow becomes softer (even before using conditioner).  I guess for people with normal hair, you can get away with not following up with conditioner as this is moisturizing enough. It also has that bit of slip to allow you to comb through your hair even without conditioner.

If you think that this product is not potent enough to clean your hair, don't despair.  Try mixing a pinch (don't go overboard) of baking soda in a dipper.  Apply and lather as usual.  Follow up with an apple cider vinegar wash to close the cuticles.  If you want more moisture, apply your favorite conditioner.

Overall, I really love this product.  Hair Heroes Argan Conditioner and Hair Heroes Olive Clementine Shampoo make a good tandem.  No matter how moisturizing this shampoo is, it does not weigh my hair down.  The most important benefit of this is that I noticed less hair fall.  It also smells so divine (can't really describe it).

I heard from the grapevine that Snoe is going to discontinue this product to give way to other variants.  I'm not really sure if I'm going to hoard stocks of this as I want to give other Hair Heroes Variants a shot.  I especially like to try out their cleansing oil shampoo next as soon as I run out of this baby.
I've only used almost 1/4 of this bottle and I've had this for  almost a month now

Holy Grail Verdict:

Price: 399 Php
Effectiveness: 4/5
Packaging: 4/5 (I wish all the Hair Heroes variants just come in a regular cap, not pump)
Availability: 4/5
Holy Grail Material Factor: 4/5

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Quest Is Over - Snoe Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil Cleansing Conditioner

Hello lovies! It's my first post ever on this blog. Please bear with me as I'm not a techie girl who knows so much about blogging.

I just want to share with you my currrent addiction - SNOE INTENSE ARGAN OIL CLEANSING CONDITIONER. It is because of this conditioner that I dragged myself to a computer shop to start blogging. I don't have a PC at home so I'm really going out of my way to share with you my views on this. Please also excuse the crappy photos as I'm only using a camera phone.

Believe me when i recommend a hair product to you guys. With the intensity of damage my hair has sustained from constant rebonding, my recommendtion of this product is indeed really saying something! This has been my holy grail hair product for about a month now (and still counting). This has even replaced my Pantene Restoratives Anti Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner. 2 When I was in the U.S. 2 years ago, I hoarded 12 bottles of Pantene to ensure that I'll have enough supply. Sadly, I could not find this type of Pantene conditioner in the local market anymore. I even went as far as going to stores that sell PX goods. I guess this was a blessing in disguise as it led me to discover SNOE Argan Oil Conditioner. I even commented on Snoe's page that their company is one of the reasons I am proud of being a Filipina.

My hair type is super curly which is severely, badly, unapologetically damaged! This is mainly because I go to the salon to have my hair rebonded every 4 to 5 months to touch up on the roots. I am hoping that with Hair Heroes, I will be able to stretch my relax to 8 months.

Priced at 499 pesos, this may seem like a lot of money. Believe me, it's worth every penny. I use it as my shampoo, leave in conditioner and mist for the hair! Let me share with you my hair care routine.

I alternate between using SNOE Olive Clementine Shampoo and Absynthe Argan Hair Goddess shampoo to cleanse my hair. I wash it thoroughly. I then dilute about 6 pumps of argan conditioner in a dipper (tabo). I cover my hair with a plastic shower cap while watching random Youtube videos (Yes-in the shower) for about 5-8 minutes. I'm a sucker for videos made by Natural Ladies on Youtube. I then rinse off the conditioner but I make it a point to still leave some of the product on my hair for that extra slip. Believe me, it won't ever weigh your hair down or make it oily!!!

I dry my hair using an electric fan. I'll stand in front of the fan while combing my hair for about 20-30 mins (I rarely use heat on my hair). As soon as it's about 90% dry,I'll apply a pea sized amount of conditioner on my hair again to get rid of the frizzies.

I then install my Curlformers (review on these in an upcoming post) to curl my hair. To ensure that my hair will hold the curl, I dilute 2 pumps of the argan oil conditioner in a spray bottle. I then spray my Curlformed hair with this mixture. I sleep with the Curlformers on my hair overnight. When I wake up and take the curlformers out, my hair is instantly curly. Hair Heroes Argan Oil makes it super soft and somehow bouncy (that's a huge feat ladies as my hair is really stubborn and has a mind of its own).

I have already hoarded 3 bottles of this conditioner and am planning to get more. I just wish that Snoe will not discontinue this EVER!!!! The main reason I got around to blogging is because of this product. I wanted to be a blogger so that Snoe will get to invite me to bloggers events and will introduce me to their other products.

I can't ramble enough on how I love this conditioner. I so so so love it. I will just pay all my bills first and then hoard this again, perhaps on December. I still have 2 bottles remaining but I have a phobia of ever running out of this stuff (call me crazy).

Albeit not having sulfates, this conditioner contains silicone. But hey don't be a snob, silicone ain't that bad. I 've been using this for a month now and this has not weighed my hair down yet. If it ever comes to that point, I'll use an all natural clarifying conditioner care of baking soda and vinegar (post on that soon).

For now, I can confidently say that the quest for that elusive hair product is over. Thank you Hair Heroes, you saved me :-)

Value for money: 6/5
Effectiveness: 6/5 (Is that overkill already?)
Availability: 4/5