Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Black Christmas

So I've been melancholic this past week because I do not have moolah to splurge on Christmas items.  However, attending Christmas parties with the family made me realize that Christmas really is not SOLELY about receiving or giving gifts.  It is enjoying your time with your loved ones and really celebrating the birthday of Jesus (if you're a Catholic).  Of course, it would super fab if I get to receive freebies and give them as well.  However, being the budding blogger that I am, I have to make do with coercing people to follow me before sponsors can take notice of my blog.  Hahahah.

So today we are spending Christmas party at my brother in law's place.   It is really good to spend the holidays here as they really go all out in terms of the music and the food.  Heck,who knew that Vilma Santos once sang "I saw mommy kissing Santa Klaws" (really that's how it sounded like).

Anywho, off to the post of the day.  I don't have any product to review just yet, so let's focus on my outfit for today.

I was actually quite iffy when I chose this black number as I did not want to look like Wednesday Adams on Christmas.  However, I'd like to believe that it turned out quite good.  I just paired it with the statement necklace that my sister gave me.

Standing in front of our gate, excuse the squinty eyes as this was taken at 1pm earlier
Loving this statement necklace and my hair!

I'm lovin my CMG box type snakeskin  bag.  I really wanted to have something green - hence the sanitizer holder.

How about you guys, how was your Christmas!  Also, allow me to live vicariously through you and show me the gifts you received


  1. Beautiful! Thank you for visiting my blog - following you!

    xo Lulu

  2. lulu thank u very much for dropping by ;-) merry xmas to u n d family