Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beat The Summer Heat with Bench Bratsplash

It's sweltering hot these day's, don't you agree? 10 mins of stepping out of the shower and your forehead is already trickled by beads of perspiration.   Even though I hail from Subic, I'm not really a fan of going to the beaches and frying myself.  I have quite sensitive skin and the seawater does not agree with me.

So how do I refresh myself this scorching summer?  I indulge in long baths, drink lots of water and douse myself in one of my favorite summer scents.  Bench Bratsplash.

Bench Bratsplash Strawberry Shake

I alternate this with my Bath and Body Twisted Peppermint cologne.  The good thing about Bench is that it really smells like strawberries and really gives that fresh summery appeal.  It may not smell like a sophisticated brand, but it gives me that young vibe.  The best part about this is that it brings me a sense of nostalgia as this was also what I used to wear in Highschool.  It also reminds me of my niece because I share this cologne with her

This body spritz reminds me so much of my niece!

As with any other Bench merchandise, this is very affordable yet has good quality.  Its staying power is about 2-3 hours.  I love that when I spray it, the scent really lingers.  I like how it smells like strawberry shake.  Another good thing about this is that it does not  emit that car freshener scent.  This cologne comes in 2 sizes.  I always get the 50 ml one as it fits nicely in my bag.

Please note that I only use this when I'm at home and not during travel because I find the scent to be quite strong.  Nonetheless, this is still a good everyday body spritz.

Beauty Holy Grail Verdict:

Price: 5/5 This retails for about 80 Php, how can you complain?
Availability: 5/5 Available at all Bench outlets
Scent: 4/5 This lasts for 2 to 3 hours.  I like its fresh scent

I'll definitely buy this again.  How about you, what's your secret to having a fresh summer?

Monday, March 25, 2013

Lost and Found - BDJ Beauty Social Loot Bag

Last Sunday, March 24, 2013, Belle De Jour Box held its first ever Beauty Social at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium.  I got to score fabulous items and meet cool people like fellow bloggers, beauty enthusiasts and experts!

I kept on gushing to my BF how happy I am during these events.  I feel like I'm in my element heeheh.  Makeup, Fashion and Beauty are my stress relievers and energizers.  I was excited and ecstatic during this event as the day was really jam packed with activities.  

Here I am working the Pink Carpet! Love love love! 

Pose Galore! Do I look like I need to pee?

Good thing Genzel saw me as I am naturally shy to chat up with my seatmates hehehe.
I chatted up Joey of SadakoBear about hair.  Would you believe this lady is already 42 years old?  We're curl buddies!  

I got a free make over from Shiseido
Quick and Free Nail Art
Free Upper Lip Threading - It was my first time and it hurt

I will unabashedly say that one of the reasons I go to events (hehehe I get to score invites na!) is because I'd love to try different products.  There is almost always a loot bag during these events!  And I must say that BDJ Beauty Social loot bag was brimming with goodies!

Loot Bag Includes: Women's Health Magazine, Physiogel Items, Revlon Custom Eyes Mascara, Fashbook  Pouch, L''oreal Shampoo and Conditioner Sachets, Pantene Sachets.  There were also free services like: Free Make Over from Shiseido, Upper Lip Threading from the Browhaus.  My photo was also taken by a professional during the event.   The Leg Love Stockings and Goody Hair Piece were items I scored for asking questions during the talks.

Imagine my horror when I lost my loot bag.  I alighted the taxi on my way to Subic ( I go home every weekend) when I realized that my loot bag was gone.  I could still see the cab but because of the hard rain, I was not able to run after it anymore.  Panic was the first emotion that hit me, then the justification that I would not probably use any of the items in the loot bag anyway.  Here are actually the things I realized from that eexperience:

  • It pays to pay attention to the plate number and operator of the cab you'll be riding - My BF has always been mindful of these things.  It was a good thing he was able to note the plate number and remember the body color of the cab. 
  • I am willing to fork around 1800 Php for a pressed powder - The moment i realized my loot bag was gone, I made the resolve to compensate for that by indulging in Shiseido powder.  I felt that the purchase can be justified since I just lost something.  Crazy I know.  Update:  As it turns out, I  was not resolved enough to spend that much on a make up.  I ended up buying the drugstore sister brand of Shiseido: Majolica Majorca.
  • Good Karma happens - My BF once found a celphone inside a cab and he returned it rightfully to its owner.  His good karma rubbed off on me.
  • I have good intuition - I was sad and panicked when I learned that I lost my loot.  However, I knew that I would retrieve it.  I just knew it. 
  • My faith in humanity has been restored - EMP cab operators and drivers, I salute you!  Thank you for keeping my loot bag safe.  
  • Before alighting the cab, check and see if you have left any of your belongings inside -Duh, this goes without saying but apparently, I have not been consistent
  • I'm a hoarder - I'm not really sure if I'd be able to use all the things given to me, but I still felt sad about almost losing them just because.
Indeed, it was a whirlwind of emotions for me that day!  It was a long and tiring day for me but I'm still glad it ended well.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

See you at the first BDJ Box Beauty Social on March 24!

I’m counting down the days to the first ever BDJ Box Beauty Social at the SM Mall of Asia Atrium on March 24!

BDJ Box is a beauty product discovery subscription service for women. Brought to you by the makers of the Belle de Jour Power Planner, BDJ Box aims to help every Filipina unbox her own beauty. For P480 a month, subscribers receive a mass-customized box with at least 5-6 of the best beauty products delivered to their doorstep.

I’m psyched to try each and every activity booth at the Beauty Social!

The BDJ Box Beauty Social is open to everyone but only pre-registered girls will be allowed to participate in the talks, get a loot bag and have their picture taken by the pro photographer. Slots will be given on a first come first served basis.

To pre-register for any of the talks, simply email the following:
Subject: BDJ Box Beauty Social
Mobile Number:
Your answer to the question: What's your "I honestly can't live without it" beauty product?
Top 3 choices for talks

For more details check out their Facebook Page:

To get your very own BDJ Box, visit their website:

Be Happy. Stay Pretty. See you at the BDJ Box Beauty Social!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Baguio Get Away

It's summer once again.  I vowed to myself last year that I would get that much coveted bikini body this summer.  I'd love to spend summer in the beach! Sadly laziness and bad food choices got in the way.  Suffice to say that I'm still the flabby old me.

Oh well, this summer, I'm dreaming of going back to Baguio - the summer capital of the Philippines.  I  went there last month and it was amazing.  I was told by the cab driver that 17 degrees is already warm for their weather there.  It used to be much lower he said.  Hell, that would have been freezing cold for me already!

Good thing about Baguio is that the cost of living there is more inexpensive.  You can already eat out and have a nice meal at 200 Php.  Cab fare starts at 30 Php.  We stayed in one of the transient homes there for 300 Php a night.  Trust me, if you're living in the city, that's already cheap.  I also like the laidback lifestyle most people seem to have there.

The cold weather is also a great ehem excuse to go all out in your boots and bomber jackets with fur!

Without further ado, let me present to you the things I did and places I visited when I was there!

Kodak Moment in Minesview Park
I was not picking strawberries, I was merely resting my weary legs from all the walking:)

La Trinidad Strawberry Farm

Little John's Restaurant in Camp John Hay boasts of a floor to ceiling window that overlooks the lush greeneries!
I'm missing this beef kebab from Little John.  Little John is a quaint restaurant located at the heart of Camp John Hay. A plate this filling is less than 200 Php.

Botanical Garden

You can rest and lie in the grass without looking weird while listening to local bands for free in Camp John Hay
No wheels? No problem! Rent a horse for about 350 Php to go around  Minesview Park.

  • Stay in transient houses instead of in hotels.  You're in Baguio for a vacation not hibernation anyway.  You should spend most of your time there sight seeing and not sleeping.
  • Take the jeep instead of cabs to save on your commute money
  • Wear comfy footwear!
  • Wear warm clothes.  Pack in your jackets.  If you're planning to be in a dress, wear tights underneath to warm up your legs.
  • Bring your favorite moisturizer and lip balm to combat the dryness from the cold air.
  • If you have data plan in your phones, you can get around just by using Google Map!
  • Get used to seeing signs plastered around the city saying "Clean C.R." (I swear, this seems to be tagline of the city). They charge 5 Php per use.
  • If you're going to ride the boat in Burnham Park, pay someone to paddle it for you.  I tried maneuvering the paddle and it was hard!
  • The Night Market Ukay Ukay by Burnham Park is jampacked with people.  Make sure to shop around and haggle!
I was really able to enjoy my stay in Baguio. We were there for 4 days 3 nights.  The cold weather was really awesome and I'm sure a lot of people are going there in this sweltering heat of the metro.  If my work were ever to relocate there, I'd be the first to sign up!

How about you, what's your dream summer destination?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Snoe Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder - Split End Mender Treatment Oil

Hola Chicas! It's no secret that I'm a big Snoe fan.   I've always raved about their Amazing Hair Heroes Line.  I've blogged how my HG hair combination happens to be their Hair Heroes Intense and Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder.  I am glad to know that Snoe just recently came up with another ahhmazing hair product.

Let me present to you - Snoe Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder Split Mender Treatment Oil.  Whew, that was quite a mouthful! Snoe claims to treat split ends with this oil.  Hmmm...

Snoe Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder Split End Mender Treatment Oil

The pump comes with a protective cap.  I love that the liquid does not  leak easily.

Consistency is quite thick but it does not leave a  heavy feeling on the hair.

Split ends are caused by mechanical, chemical and thermal stress.  There is really no cure for them because once your hair has split, it's already broken.  The most that a product can do is to seal the ends and prevent future ones from happening.  However, no product can really reverse the damage.

On to our review.  I'd like to believe that I do not have any split ends.  My major problem is falling hair as in from the roots.  But for the ends, they are pretty much intact.

I bought this oil mainly because I love how the Invisible Wonder shampoo smells.  I swear, it smells so much like Fudgee Bar Buko Pandan hahaha.
Yummy! Smells like Buko Pandan!

I use this product after washing my hair.  I apply two pumps of this to my damp hair after every wash.  Even if this is an oil treatment, it does not leave an oily slick to my hair.  I also love how my frizzy ends seem to tame when I apply this.  It does not dry my hair faster either.  The scent only lingers for about 15 minutes which is such a bummer since that's the reason I bought this in the first place.  However, the trade off is that it leaves my very stubborn hair soft .  Even withi this oil in my hair, I am still able to abide by my every-other-day hair washing.  It does not make it limp at all.

Holy Grail Verdict:

Effectiveness: 4/5
Price:  3/5 299 Php
Availability: 3/5  Available at all Snoe stores
Packaging: 5/5

How about you, what's your hair regimen?

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Art Deco Camouflage Cream - Disappearing Trick!

Hi friends! I hope everyone is having a peaceful week.  I've really been suffering from acne break outs and dry skin lately. Due to this, I have uneven skin tone and blotchy acne marks.  And if you're like me, having bad skin is really a deal breaker.  When you have bad skin, you lose the fervor (/!?) to dress up and put make up on your face.  Ugh!

Due to this, I've been on the lookout for the best concealer product out there.  I've been hearing the buzz about Art Deco camouflage concealer from various beauty blogs that I read and follow.  And so I decided to get it!

So how did it fare on me? Read on to find out!

 Art Deco Camouflage Concealer

It's just a small product.  But don't fret because this beauty packs in the puch! It has very opaque coverage. It comes in a plastic slide cover.  I suggest for you to buy the magnetic compact case to house this product in. 

Bought it for 450 Php from the BeautyBar at Bonifacio High Street.

 Don't let the size fool you.  Even if it's only at 4.5 g, that's more than enough to cover your whole face! After all this is meant to be a concealer but you can also use it as foundation, as I do.

I also bought the compact case to house it in.  The camouflage concealer has a magnet plate backing to adhere to the magnetic compact.  You can reuse this compact case to house Art Deco eyeshadows or anything that has a metal backing that will fit in here! 

So cute! Tiny but powerful!!! It's no bigger than you regular eyeshadow kit!

  Wanna see some magic?  (Beware though! The following pictures may not be suitable for general audience, scroll down with caution harhar!)

Before (Don't say I din't warn you!)

After! It effectively covered my red marks and scars.  I would need to use a prmier though to blur out my deep scars. I dusted this off with my Maybelline Mineral Smooth Foundation.


  • Does not cake. You can layer it on without looking like a wax figure.
  • Gives a matte finish
  • Really opaque coverage
  • Can be used as foundation all over the face (if you really want to hide those nasty marks)
  • Does not feel heavy
  • Does not have a weird smell
  • The price of 450 Php is justified! 
  • Will last a long long time especially if you just use this sparingly as a concealer.
  • Won't easily come off.
  • Does not require a brush to apply.  I just use my fingers and pat pat pat! For the neat freaks out there, you're most welcome to use a brush.  

  • Not widely available.  I think only Beauty Bar carries this.
  • Packaging.  I suggest you purchase the magnetic compact to house this in.
  • Has a tendency to melt during our crazy hot weather. I suggest you keep this in the ref (not in the freezer please)

I'm glad I discovered Art Deco! I now have the renewed passion for makeup and fashion hehehe because of a much clearer face courtesy of this concealer.

Holy Grail Verdict:

Effectiveness: 5/5
Packaging: 2/5
Availability: 3/5
Price: 5/5


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shiseido Make Up Workshop - The Beauty Junkee Way

I've been fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the participants to the The Beauty Junkee's Shiseido make up workshop.  The event was held at the Shiseido boutique in Greenbelt 5 on March 10.  It was facilitated by none other than the Beauty Junkee herself, Miss Martha Sta. Barbara.
Left: Eekkkk, I was not able to retouch my lipstick!
Right: The workshop was held at Shiseido Greenbelt 5

I am excited to be part of this as I've been an avid reader of Martha's blog for quite some time now.  Martha basically taught her 12 students  practical tips on how to do our make up.  However, her focus was on making the "tacky" blue eyeshadow work.

I was quite surprised when Martha remembered my name as she was handing out our name tags.  And she also pays attention because she noticed that I had blue eyes (naturally,  eeek just kidding, I was wearing contacts).  Before I go to the tidbits of the workshop itself, let me just say how effortless and gorgeous Martha was during that day.  I was seated at the front row and I could not help but notice how perfect her red lipstick and eyebrows were (konti nalang bibili na ko ng Brow Zing hehehe).  Martha was also able to hold her students' attention and interest throughout the work shop.  I especially enjoyed her keen attention on giving us tips on what we would practically be able to apply on a daily basis.

What I learned:

* It's all about color coordination baby - If you have light skin, and you want to sport the blue eyeshadow, pick a light blue dolor.  If you have dark skin, pick deep blue like peacock greens, teal etc.  FYI blue shadow looks good with brown eyes which most Filipinas predominantly have.

* When applying eyeliner - begin at the middle of the eyelid.  Reason is our eyelashes are anyway thickest at the middle.

* When applying eyebrow make up - It is best to use powder to achieve that natural effect.  Start at the middle of the brow (where the arch usually is).  This way, the end of the eyebrow (near the bridge of your nose) won't pick up so much color from the eyebrow make up.

* You can use a cream eyeshadow as a substitute for eyeshadow primer - Do not use concealers as they contain oils.

* Contour your cheeks by applying a smidgen of matte contouring powder in the hollow just below the upper part of your cheek bone.  Imagine that you're peeling off the skin off your face for a better picture (this is where our session got anatomical hehehe).

* To appear as if you have a higher nose bridge, you can extend your eyebrow to the point wherein it creates a faint shdow that nearly conects to the top most part of your nose bridge.

* To ensure that your eyeshadow is properly blended, you can appply a midtone shadow just above the creaseline to achieve that delineated effect!

* You can turn your look from day to night by applying silver shimmery powder to your eyeshadow.  This will make the color look metallic.

* If you want winged eyeliner, make sure they're even.  Start by staring right into the mirror.  Draw two dots on the outer side of the eyes.  Connect the dot to where your eyeliner ends.

* It is still advisable to use setting powder after your foundation instead of a "setting spray".  Reason is the spray may not adhere well to creams.  It adheres better to powder.

* Do not use bronzing powders for contouring. Use matte powders for a more natural look.

* To avoid harsh demarcation lines in eyeshadow application, you can apply a mid tone shadow just above the lid where the darkest color meets the base.

* If you have plump lips and you want to subdue them, avoid applying gloss on them. Avoid minty lippies as well as they tend to cause a reaction that plumps up your puckers.

* The most versatile eye make up brush that you can ever own is the blending brush.  Make sure to get a good quality one (Note to self!).

* To maximize color payoff when applying eyeshadows, use a patting instead of brush motion.  Brushing actually erases the color that you have deposited on your skin.

* When applying finishing powder, make sure to use

* I should have checked Shiseido first before caving into the lure of Mac's Russian Red. Martha was wearing the most divine Shiseido red lipstick (forgot the color but it was intense red).  The lipstick did not bleed even though she was already talking for over an hour.  Application was a breeze.

Left: Martha and Shiseido's Brand Manager, Jen Jimenez (in black sleeveless top)
Right: Loot Bag!

Oodles of Make Up! What's not to love?

Over all, I totally enjoyed the event. It was like going back to school once again.  I regretted not bringing a pen and notebook to write everything down.  I've noted things on my celphone but silly me accidentally deleted it.

The participants got to take home a loot bag.  We were also entitled to a 1 day 15% discount on all Shiseido products.  I almost bought the Smoothing Powder (1800 Php for a refill).  However after road testing it for 10 minutes, my face oiled up.  It's not the powder's fault because my face is really an oil mine.  If I'm going to fork that amount on a make up, it better control the oil.  I'm glad I tested it first.

I'm glad to meet other bloggers.
Left:  (Middle Girl)  Genzel of Genzel Kisses and Misha
Right : Jaja of Beautycolada who turns out to be my officemate! What a small world.
What I regretted was not learning about the perfect red lippie that Martha was wearing before getting my Mac Russian Red.  Anyone want to swap? heheh

Thank you Shiseido for these.  It's actually my first time to try compressed facial mask ( those tablets are actually facial masks that expand when soaked,  Amazeballs!)

What Shiseido products have you tried?

Monday, March 11, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday Project Vanity

Hullo friends! I'm back!!!! I have not posted anything for a long time as I've been busy with work.  Also, to be honest, I grew lazy and lost my mojo.  I didn't want to resume writing just so I could post something.

I finally got my mojo back when I learned that I was one of the 40 invited guests of Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity  to celebrate her blog's 5th Birthday.  I literally jumped for joy when I found out about this as this would be the first blogger's event that I have been invited to.

It was held at the Beauty Bar, The Fort High Street on March 9.  The event was brimming with beauty and fun! I got to meet cool people like other bloggers, Ms. Nelly See of PinkBox accessories, Cheryl Tan of K-Palette make up and Tita K of Live, Love, Lol.

Miss Liz did a demo of easy but high impact make up on her beautiful accomplice, Den.  Miss Nelly shared how she started her she started Pinkbox.  Cheryl Chuaenlightened us how an umbrella paved the way for K Palette here in the Philippines.  These indeed are very inspiring ladies. Talk about Girl Power. This is also timely since March is Women's Month.

I was actually surprised that when I introduced myself to Liz, she even remembers my last name.  Probably because I am always badgering her, hahaha!  But seriously, I love how she mingled with all of her guests.  She even complimented me on the blackness of my hair.  If you know me, you know no one ever compliments me on my hair.  Thank you Liz for seeing the beauty in your humble follower.

Left: Liz of ProjectVanity
Right: Tita K (the one wearing the "bulalo necklacee), Nelly  See (in fuchsia top).

Here are some snippets from the event.  Guests were treated to a makeup demonstration by Mis Liz featuring products from Fairy Drops and K Palette.  Snaps, Liz's furry friend also joined in the fun!

I was delighted to meet other bloggers too.   I got to meet the Beauty Junkee whose blog I've been stalking for quite some time now.

Top Left: Martha Sta. Barbara of The Beauty Junkee
Top Right: Alex Lapa of ReluctantjStylista
Bottom Left: Genzel of GenzelKisses
Bottom Right: Mariana Bantug of The Beauty Bee

Project Vanity was kind enough to give a loot bag to my non blogger friend (The one in black).
Not only was this an event of beauty, but this was also a celebration of passion.  Miss Nelly, Chris and Liz all share the common trait of perseverance and going after their heart's desire.   I could only hope that I can be half as successful as they are.