Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Headbands - Feel the Spirit of the Season without Breaking the Bank

 OK, so Christmas is only a few days away.  That is  if the world survives "doomsday" tomorrow.  I really have not yet felt the giddiness the season usually brings me.  I  remember that before, I used to count down the days until Dec 24.  But now, it's just blah.  I guess I have been really impacted by the Youtube holiday haul videos that I have been watching lately.  Honestly speaking, I drool at the sight of the loot these people get for Christmas. As for moi, I'm not really expecting to receive anything this season.  Ahuhuhu

So to cheer myself up and feel the joy of the season, I decided to do a post on how to feel the holiday cheers without breaking the bank.

So for today until the 25th, I'll try to do posts on feeling the special joy of the season without having to spend an arm and a leg.

First off - Christmassify my look  (ugh that's not even a word) .  I'm not talking about full on red and green outfit. I'm talking about something sparkly that would make me feel special even if I have not bought any new clothes or shoes this season.

Adding sparkle and Christmas spirit to my look through my headbands.   I love headbands.  But I would wear the same headband on a daily basis until the elastic becomes loose.  While strolling at the mall yesterday, I chanced by these adorable yet inexpensive headbands!

Inexpensive Headbands I got from Market Market.  I got 3 headbands even if I only have 1 head LOL
The detail on this is very good.  Priced at 150 Php or around 3 USD

I love the sparkly details

This may look so simple in the picture.  But this actually has  a sparkly effect.  I love how it glitters against my hair.  Priced at 50 Php or 1 USD

Pièce De Résistance -  A red sparkly number. Priced at 50 Php or 3 USD.  I think I'll wear this on Christmas eve  during the evening Mass.  I love how eye sparkly this gets under the Christmas lights.  This also reminds me of Dorothy's ruby slippers from the Wizard of OZ.

How about you? What are your plans for the holiday?


  1. Super addicted rin ako sa headbands before! Pero I bought one na sobrang sumakit ulo ko, I've stopped wearing them ever since :( Sad. Love your headband picks - super okay for the holidays! :)

  2. thnk u sharina! actually nilalgyan ko ng garter ang mga yan khit d za soft cloth type headband. makapal kc hair ko nalalaglag

    btw i never knew ganon n kalaki tummy m kc super skinny ka and sexy s mga fotd posts m