Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Konad Nail Stamp - How to Recycle Old Manicure

There are moments when you really have to have your nails done but you don't have the energy or time to go to the salon. Oh what's a resourceful girl to do?

Simple - Recycle your old manicure

Nails in a Jiffy (Excuse the chip on the pinky - I bumped  onto something OUCH!)

Things You'll Need:

Base Color - or Old manicure will do as long as it has not chipped so much
Nail Stamp Color - make sure it's opaque enough try the Khrome collection from China Glaze
Top Coat - I used Sally Hansen Mega Shine Top Coat
Tissue Paper - For wiping your materials dry
Nail Polish Remover
Scraper or old phone / credit card
Old Glossy Magazine - To protect the surface you're going to stamp on to prevent any polish smudges
Stamp Plate - I used Konad plate M78
These are the things you'll need.  Disclaimer: I'm not really a huge Piolo fan :-) . It's just it's the only magazine I had laying around.

Choose a flat, sturdy surface to work on. I chose to work on our dining table. Layout the magazine on the surface you're working on.  

1) Start with your nails that have already been painted on.  If your nails have already chipped, you can patch the surface with a polish of the same color. Please check out  Ms. Liz Lanuzo's post from Project Vanity on  how to fix chipped nails

Your nails do not have to be freshly done.  You  can use your old manicured nails for this.

2) Choose a stamp design of your choice.  Make sure the stamp plate is clean from any lints and dry.  I chose the M78 plate from Konad. Tip: Some stamp plates actually have a plastic covering that is very inconspicuous at first glance. Make sure you peel this off.
One stamp plate has 5 designs. I chose the bottom right design.

3) Apply one coat of your stamping polish. Tip: You don't have to cover the whole design as the polish will be dragged along the rest of the image once you scrape it off.

Apply stamping polish on the design image.  It is imperative that you use really opaque polish.  Glittery polishes are not recommended.

4)  Scrape the polish off using the metal scraper included in the kit or any old credit or ID card. Make sure your scraper is positioned at a 45 degree angle.  Please set your expectations that practice makes perfect.  

Practice makes perfect.  Go easy on the scraper, apply moderate pressure.

5)  Make sure that you work fast.  Roll, I repeat Roll your stamper over the design.  Again, roll ladies.  I made the mistake of pressing the stamper too hard on the design plate and the rubber did not catch any of the image.  Use moderate pressure.  Warning ladies, this will test your patience.   It actually took me days to perfect this technique.   Repeat after me - Roll the stamper, roll the stamper (LOL)

With moderate pressure, roll the stamper over the image.  Do not press too hard as your stamper won't pick up the color.

6) Check your stamper if it has picked enough image.  Once you're happy with it, roll the stamper sideways on your nail.

I was gong to apply this on my pinky so it was OK even if the design was not completely captured.
8) In between nail stamp appication, clean the stamp and design plate with cotton and nail polish remover.  Do this on all your nails.

7) Sit back, relax and admire your handiwork! 

  You'll notice that the base polish really is uneven.  Hey I warned you that this is already a recycled manicure.  I've had the base polish on for a week before stamping on it. 

Holy Grail Verdict

Effectiveness: 10/5  Stamped nails are a good convesation starter.  It never fails to catch anyone's attention. Even the guys at work notice my nails 

Price: 10/5  You will only need to purchase the stamp kit once and it will last you pretty much a very long time.  You will also get to save because you don't have to touch up your nails as soon as they chip.  

Availability: 3/5 Konad is not widely available.  I got my Konad Stamp set from Shopwise Cubao.  There are actually fauxnads but I don't really think those work quite as well as Konad stamp designs do.  There are some online retailers who actually sell Konad stamp sets.


  1. i have konad, but for the love of God, nde ko magamit ng maayos! lemme follow you, roll the stamper..roll the stamper. LOL!

  2. iamsutil i am so honored to hav u drop by here! ang konad talaga ay may learning curve. tip, medyo gasgasan m ng konti un stamper using emery board para magadhere un design. the trick talaga ay roll it sideways. nung umpisa diniin ko siya walang napick up n design. roll lang talaga. gudluck!