Sunday, March 17, 2013

Snoe Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder - Split End Mender Treatment Oil

Hola Chicas! It's no secret that I'm a big Snoe fan.   I've always raved about their Amazing Hair Heroes Line.  I've blogged how my HG hair combination happens to be their Hair Heroes Intense and Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder.  I am glad to know that Snoe just recently came up with another ahhmazing hair product.

Let me present to you - Snoe Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder Split Mender Treatment Oil.  Whew, that was quite a mouthful! Snoe claims to treat split ends with this oil.  Hmmm...

Snoe Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder Split End Mender Treatment Oil

The pump comes with a protective cap.  I love that the liquid does not  leak easily.

Consistency is quite thick but it does not leave a  heavy feeling on the hair.

Split ends are caused by mechanical, chemical and thermal stress.  There is really no cure for them because once your hair has split, it's already broken.  The most that a product can do is to seal the ends and prevent future ones from happening.  However, no product can really reverse the damage.

On to our review.  I'd like to believe that I do not have any split ends.  My major problem is falling hair as in from the roots.  But for the ends, they are pretty much intact.

I bought this oil mainly because I love how the Invisible Wonder shampoo smells.  I swear, it smells so much like Fudgee Bar Buko Pandan hahaha.
Yummy! Smells like Buko Pandan!

I use this product after washing my hair.  I apply two pumps of this to my damp hair after every wash.  Even if this is an oil treatment, it does not leave an oily slick to my hair.  I also love how my frizzy ends seem to tame when I apply this.  It does not dry my hair faster either.  The scent only lingers for about 15 minutes which is such a bummer since that's the reason I bought this in the first place.  However, the trade off is that it leaves my very stubborn hair soft .  Even withi this oil in my hair, I am still able to abide by my every-other-day hair washing.  It does not make it limp at all.

Holy Grail Verdict:

Effectiveness: 4/5
Price:  3/5 299 Php
Availability: 3/5  Available at all Snoe stores
Packaging: 5/5

How about you, what's your hair regimen?

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