Saturday, March 16, 2013

Art Deco Camouflage Cream - Disappearing Trick!

Hi friends! I hope everyone is having a peaceful week.  I've really been suffering from acne break outs and dry skin lately. Due to this, I have uneven skin tone and blotchy acne marks.  And if you're like me, having bad skin is really a deal breaker.  When you have bad skin, you lose the fervor (/!?) to dress up and put make up on your face.  Ugh!

Due to this, I've been on the lookout for the best concealer product out there.  I've been hearing the buzz about Art Deco camouflage concealer from various beauty blogs that I read and follow.  And so I decided to get it!

So how did it fare on me? Read on to find out!

 Art Deco Camouflage Concealer

It's just a small product.  But don't fret because this beauty packs in the puch! It has very opaque coverage. It comes in a plastic slide cover.  I suggest for you to buy the magnetic compact case to house this product in. 

Bought it for 450 Php from the BeautyBar at Bonifacio High Street.

 Don't let the size fool you.  Even if it's only at 4.5 g, that's more than enough to cover your whole face! After all this is meant to be a concealer but you can also use it as foundation, as I do.

I also bought the compact case to house it in.  The camouflage concealer has a magnet plate backing to adhere to the magnetic compact.  You can reuse this compact case to house Art Deco eyeshadows or anything that has a metal backing that will fit in here! 

So cute! Tiny but powerful!!! It's no bigger than you regular eyeshadow kit!

  Wanna see some magic?  (Beware though! The following pictures may not be suitable for general audience, scroll down with caution harhar!)

Before (Don't say I din't warn you!)

After! It effectively covered my red marks and scars.  I would need to use a prmier though to blur out my deep scars. I dusted this off with my Maybelline Mineral Smooth Foundation.


  • Does not cake. You can layer it on without looking like a wax figure.
  • Gives a matte finish
  • Really opaque coverage
  • Can be used as foundation all over the face (if you really want to hide those nasty marks)
  • Does not feel heavy
  • Does not have a weird smell
  • The price of 450 Php is justified! 
  • Will last a long long time especially if you just use this sparingly as a concealer.
  • Won't easily come off.
  • Does not require a brush to apply.  I just use my fingers and pat pat pat! For the neat freaks out there, you're most welcome to use a brush.  

  • Not widely available.  I think only Beauty Bar carries this.
  • Packaging.  I suggest you purchase the magnetic compact to house this in.
  • Has a tendency to melt during our crazy hot weather. I suggest you keep this in the ref (not in the freezer please)

I'm glad I discovered Art Deco! I now have the renewed passion for makeup and fashion hehehe because of a much clearer face courtesy of this concealer.

Holy Grail Verdict:

Effectiveness: 5/5
Packaging: 2/5
Availability: 3/5
Price: 5/5



  1. Hi! How much is the compact? I'm thinking of getting one for mine. Thank you. :)