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Shiseido Make Up Workshop - The Beauty Junkee Way

I've been fortunate enough to be chosen as one of the participants to the The Beauty Junkee's Shiseido make up workshop.  The event was held at the Shiseido boutique in Greenbelt 5 on March 10.  It was facilitated by none other than the Beauty Junkee herself, Miss Martha Sta. Barbara.
Left: Eekkkk, I was not able to retouch my lipstick!
Right: The workshop was held at Shiseido Greenbelt 5

I am excited to be part of this as I've been an avid reader of Martha's blog for quite some time now.  Martha basically taught her 12 students  practical tips on how to do our make up.  However, her focus was on making the "tacky" blue eyeshadow work.

I was quite surprised when Martha remembered my name as she was handing out our name tags.  And she also pays attention because she noticed that I had blue eyes (naturally,  eeek just kidding, I was wearing contacts).  Before I go to the tidbits of the workshop itself, let me just say how effortless and gorgeous Martha was during that day.  I was seated at the front row and I could not help but notice how perfect her red lipstick and eyebrows were (konti nalang bibili na ko ng Brow Zing hehehe).  Martha was also able to hold her students' attention and interest throughout the work shop.  I especially enjoyed her keen attention on giving us tips on what we would practically be able to apply on a daily basis.

What I learned:

* It's all about color coordination baby - If you have light skin, and you want to sport the blue eyeshadow, pick a light blue dolor.  If you have dark skin, pick deep blue like peacock greens, teal etc.  FYI blue shadow looks good with brown eyes which most Filipinas predominantly have.

* When applying eyeliner - begin at the middle of the eyelid.  Reason is our eyelashes are anyway thickest at the middle.

* When applying eyebrow make up - It is best to use powder to achieve that natural effect.  Start at the middle of the brow (where the arch usually is).  This way, the end of the eyebrow (near the bridge of your nose) won't pick up so much color from the eyebrow make up.

* You can use a cream eyeshadow as a substitute for eyeshadow primer - Do not use concealers as they contain oils.

* Contour your cheeks by applying a smidgen of matte contouring powder in the hollow just below the upper part of your cheek bone.  Imagine that you're peeling off the skin off your face for a better picture (this is where our session got anatomical hehehe).

* To appear as if you have a higher nose bridge, you can extend your eyebrow to the point wherein it creates a faint shdow that nearly conects to the top most part of your nose bridge.

* To ensure that your eyeshadow is properly blended, you can appply a midtone shadow just above the creaseline to achieve that delineated effect!

* You can turn your look from day to night by applying silver shimmery powder to your eyeshadow.  This will make the color look metallic.

* If you want winged eyeliner, make sure they're even.  Start by staring right into the mirror.  Draw two dots on the outer side of the eyes.  Connect the dot to where your eyeliner ends.

* It is still advisable to use setting powder after your foundation instead of a "setting spray".  Reason is the spray may not adhere well to creams.  It adheres better to powder.

* Do not use bronzing powders for contouring. Use matte powders for a more natural look.

* To avoid harsh demarcation lines in eyeshadow application, you can apply a mid tone shadow just above the lid where the darkest color meets the base.

* If you have plump lips and you want to subdue them, avoid applying gloss on them. Avoid minty lippies as well as they tend to cause a reaction that plumps up your puckers.

* The most versatile eye make up brush that you can ever own is the blending brush.  Make sure to get a good quality one (Note to self!).

* To maximize color payoff when applying eyeshadows, use a patting instead of brush motion.  Brushing actually erases the color that you have deposited on your skin.

* When applying finishing powder, make sure to use

* I should have checked Shiseido first before caving into the lure of Mac's Russian Red. Martha was wearing the most divine Shiseido red lipstick (forgot the color but it was intense red).  The lipstick did not bleed even though she was already talking for over an hour.  Application was a breeze.

Left: Martha and Shiseido's Brand Manager, Jen Jimenez (in black sleeveless top)
Right: Loot Bag!

Oodles of Make Up! What's not to love?

Over all, I totally enjoyed the event. It was like going back to school once again.  I regretted not bringing a pen and notebook to write everything down.  I've noted things on my celphone but silly me accidentally deleted it.

The participants got to take home a loot bag.  We were also entitled to a 1 day 15% discount on all Shiseido products.  I almost bought the Smoothing Powder (1800 Php for a refill).  However after road testing it for 10 minutes, my face oiled up.  It's not the powder's fault because my face is really an oil mine.  If I'm going to fork that amount on a make up, it better control the oil.  I'm glad I tested it first.

I'm glad to meet other bloggers.
Left:  (Middle Girl)  Genzel of Genzel Kisses and Misha
Right : Jaja of Beautycolada who turns out to be my officemate! What a small world.
What I regretted was not learning about the perfect red lippie that Martha was wearing before getting my Mac Russian Red.  Anyone want to swap? heheh

Thank you Shiseido for these.  It's actually my first time to try compressed facial mask ( those tablets are actually facial masks that expand when soaked,  Amazeballs!)

What Shiseido products have you tried?

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  1. We have the same loot from the workshop! I can't figure out though how to use the tablet-like face mask. Do I just soak it in water then apply it to my face? Hope you can help! Love your blog! Hope you can visit mine. :)