Sunday, January 6, 2013

Snoe Hair Heroes - League of their Own

Hello Friends! Long time no post.  I've been busy with work.  Anyway , let me share with you the hardworking heroes that have been helping my hair.

I am talking about Snoe's Hair Heroes Cleansing Conditioners and Shampoos.  Snoe boasts of products that are SLS free yet are very effective in cleansing the hair.  SLS are what make shampoos lather.   As what the hair gurus would preach, Sodium Lauryl Sulfates actually strip the scalp of its natural oils.   When the scalp is stripped, it tends to overcompensate by producing more oil.  I could really attest to this because I used to use Clear (ahem, sorry for the name drop) shampoo and the next day, my hair would already be a grease ball.  I've tried going the no poo route (no shampoo) by using baking soda to clean my scalp, but my hair did not like it.  It rebelled by having a frizz feast.  A quick trip to the mall lead me to discover these Heroes that would eventually rescue my hair,
From Left: Hair Heroes Extreme, Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil, Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder, Hair Heroes Honey Olive Clementine

Let's do a quick run down of the special powers each hero has:

Hair Heroes Extreme Cleansing Conditioner:     

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I've already done a review of this in my previous post.  To be honest, this is my least favorite hero.  This cleansing conditioner boasts of Emu Oil and Acai berry to protect hair from heat damage.  It also promises to strengthen color damaged hair.  I've noticed from the hair that fell from my head, the strands were somewhat thicker.  I guess this is a good thing as it really strengthened my tresses.  I also love its bubblegum scent.  I would even smell my hair even if I just applied a little bit of this and used it as a pomade.   The only problem for me is because of its strengthening properties, it made my hair really frizzy at the ends and stiff.  I will not throw this away but I will not buy it again either.  I will still use this say once a month to thicken my hair.    Oh, if anything, this is a really good shaving lotion,        

Honey Olive Clementine Damage Recovery Cream Shampoo:

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This hero cleans gently but effectively.   Snoe says that it helps hair recover from damage. What I love about this is that the hair is already soft even before stepping out of the shower.  It also has a divine scent.  Since this is SLS free, it does not lather much.  Hair also tends to become greasy days after shampooing.  And yes folks, don't condemn me, it is bad to wash your hair every day.  If Snoe did not come up with their Invisible Wonder shampoo, I would hoard this!

Hair Heroes Intense Argan Oil Cleansing Conditioner:

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And now we get to the Big League! This would not be hailed as Snoe's December product of the month for nothing.  I started my blog to profess my love for this hero.  From my experience, this cleansing conditioner really makes my hair smooth and frizz free.  I also love its coconutty smell.  This is also very effective as a straightening and taming balm.   Several magazines has hailed this as a favorite.  The only drawback of this conditioner is that it tends to buildup on my scalp.  I address this by using Snoe Invisible Wonder.  If stuck in an island and I could only bring one product for my hair, this would be it!

Snoe Invisible Wonder Cleansing Shampoo

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This is the baby among the Hair Heroes  Not only is this the smallest in size (200 ml), this is also the newest hero released in the market among the four Heroes mentioned here.  I have learned from the Beautyjunkee's blog that oil removes oil.  And this baby does that job well! This is small but terrible in cleansing my scalp especially in removing the buildup left by Hair Heroes Intense on my scalp.  Right after stepping out of the shower, I could really tell that my hair is squeaky clean.  If I run my fingers through my scalp, there is no buildup either.  The best part about this is that even though this is sulfates free, it lathers just like a regular shampoo. I don't know how it does that , it just works!  This will definitely replace my Hair Heroes Damage Recovery Cream as my cleansing shampoo.  This smells also nice, somehow gourmand like. Because of the extreme cleansing power of this baby, users need to follow it up with a conditioner.  

To sum it all up, if my house were on fire, the heroes that I would save would be the Hair Heroes Intense and Hair Heroes Invisible Wonder.


  1. Hair heroes indeed.

    XX, Jenniya

  2. Wow you got a nice Hair Heroes collection pala! I actually love the HH Extreme. Haha it worked well naman sakin. And I agree re Invisible Wonder. I like how it lathers up kahit sulfate-free. Di ako masyadong fan ng shampoos na hindi nagllather. Hihi. And I love the smell. Like mint chocolate :D

  3. @aya diba anng ganda ng invisible qonder at perfect cobination sila ng argan oil intense condiitioner. Yes ayoko dn ng hindi mabula ksi feeling ko naglalagas hair s kakakkuskos trying to make it lather. Im loooking forwward to your snoe expeditions and give aways- so sad i ddnt wins contest m hahah

  4. Hi im a newbie sa blogsite mo but i can say that because of this blog naencourage ako to buy this snoe products.. :) ung argan oil conditioner ba is a leave on conditioner or do u have to rinse it after? Thanks in advance..

  5. Hi im a newbie sa blogsite mo but i can say that because of this blog naencourage ako to buy this snoe products.. :) ung argan oil conditioner ba is a leave on conditioner or do u have to rinse it after? Thanks in advance..

    1. Hi veejay thnx for dropping by un argan oil is a cleansing conditioner dat has many uses. U can use it as a conditioner or leave on . Or shaving cream or shampoo. Pero pag shampoo it still builds up on d scalp. I wil recomend dat you tty this with the invible shampoo from snoe. They are my current holy grail hair products

  6. I have just visited your website now. Where can I buy these products?

  7. @anonymous: check out snoe beauty inc in fb to check for d nearest branch in ur area. They have a kiosk in market market and in glorietta inside cinderella store. Meron din s megamall s cinderella store.

    Im excited to know what u think of these. Pls report back ha? Hehe