Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Red Nails and a Pink Bag

Happy rainy Tuesday everyone! I got off work early today.  I spent the extra hours to have my mani-pedi session and bought a new accessory for my mobile blogging arsenal aka my bluetooth keyboard.   I am planning of doing another Konadicure tomorrow to spice up my newly reddened nails.

I actually chose red on both my hands and feet though in different tones.

On my hands, I used Bobbie in Vamp.  I like this orange color because it suits my skin tone well.  It has orange undertones and in my opinion makes my hands look healthier (if that makes any sense)

Bobbie "Vamp" on my nails.  This has an orange undertone which makes my hands look healthy.  Notice how shiny my digits are.
Caronia "Simply Red" has bluish undertone. It makes my skin look fair - I think
I grew tired of lugging the keyboard in the Betsy Johnson bag that my cousin gave me because I thought I looked like a manicurist who will do home service on a client. Hahahah!  I picked up this girly pink hard case instead.  It is actually a laptop/netbook bag but my keyboard and charger fit nicely here.  By the way, do you have any recommendations for a good bluetooth mouse? The one I bought last week does not seem to be compatible with my phone.   Boohoo :-(
A Laptop Bag - even though all I have is a keyboard Hahahah!
Anyway, I am really thankful for this bluetooth keyboard.  I am now able to blog from my room instead of having to fight my way through the net shop amidst the noisy players.

I hope you enjoy this post guys.  I am now off to dreamland.  Til my next post :-)

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