Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dry Hair Using an Old Cotton Shirt

Hi friends.  Long time no post! Busy busy busy!  I've always whined at the state of my hair and has recently resigned to the fact that it's already a lost cause.  I've undergone yet another rebonding treatment to straighten it, so definitely the frizzies are working overtime!

I have naturally coarse and curly hair.  My hair abhors blow dryers! Oh, it's on Narnia alert during trips to the salon where blow drying is in order.  The strands tend to go awry when they meet air from the blow dryer - let alone hot air.

So how do I dry my hair? Simple, I use the old shirt method:

1) Air dry your hair.  Make sure that the dampness level is just around 50%.  Does not work well if your mane is dripping wet.

2) Pick any old shirt. I don't know if there's such a thing as a satin shirt but a cotton one will do.  The neckline should just be of the right fit, not too loose, not too tight.  (unless you want to strangle yourself eh - then that's a different post)

3) Put the shirt on, pull it just a bit above your forehead.  Don't pull it all the way through. You should look like you're wearing a veil!

4) Leave it on your head until your hair is about 95 to 100% dry.  

Tadaa!!! instant Dryer!

Don't I look sexy! Wahahah this is how I dry my hair folks.


* Cheaper alternative than purchasing a blow dryer

* Does not cause frizzies!!! My unruly hair does not get aggravated at all.  If anything, it contains the frizz, compelling my hair to stay aligned and the strands to "stand straight" and not stray away.  This is the next best thing to flat ironing hair to just shoo those frizz away.  The fiber on towels (even microfibers) act as velcro to the hair.

* Available everywhere (unless you walk around naked or don't know anyone who owns a shirt. In that case, time to reflect on your interpersonal skills hahahah!)

* Very easy to do


* Drying time may be longer for some- My hair tends to dry quick, and it also tends to frizz before you can even say "humidity"!  Hey, if it controls the frizz, I'm more than willing to wait!

* You will look weird - Just see the pic above

So there you have it folks.  That's just one of the many weird beauty rituals that I have.  How about you? I'd love to know your weird regimens!


  1. i didnt know this but i guess i should try this.haha

    1. Yes sis try mo yan. Doesnt damage d hair at super dali lng

  2. Amazing post! thank you for passing by my blog :)