Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mobile Blogging - Woes and Wonders

Hello Friends! I hope all of you are having a very peaceful Sunday.  I'm just lazying it up at home.  For some of you who may know me or whom I have stumbled upon during one of my blog hopping moments, you may have read that I do not own a laptop or PC.  I do all my blogging on a rented computer or on my old I Phone 4.   And that's really pitiful as I have to concentrate blogging amidst all the rowdy players in the computer shop.

That's changing now guys as I have recently acquired my Samsung Note 2. I'm happy to report that there should not be any more excuses for me to miss out on any posts of my fave bloggers as I can blog anywhere.

Blogging while Snacking

Blogging while on the bus - Tyring to keep the phone steady on my lap

So if any of you own a Samsung phone and want to  blog from it, here are my recommended items:

* Bluetooth Keyboard (a must)
* Null Keyboard application from Playstore (must for me)
* Bluetooth Mouse (optional as my phone comes with a stylus anyway)
* Internet Connection (Duh?! A must of course)

The null keyboard application actually prevents the Samsung keyboard from popping up and taking up half of the screen space when I type in something.

I am really loving this phone!

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  1. Glad to know you don't have to go to any computer shop anymore. Ang cool ng gamit mo. :)