Thursday, January 17, 2013

Konadicure - Catching Up On Lost Time

Hello, hello, hello loves! I know this entry is long overdue as Christmas is so over! However, I'd still like to share with you how I made sure that I still get to spend a very special holiday last year.  Why post only now - you may ask. Well , this was actually a guest entry I made for another blog.  I am sharing this to you as it just got posted yesterday.

So please pardon my tardiness in putting this up, let's just pretend that it's still the holiday season. Anyway, the weather's still cold, so I guess that should count for something heheeheh.

OK, here goes nothing:

How does an Asian beauty celebrate Christmas without succumbing to the commercial lure of shops and stores?  Unfortunately I had to settle quite a few financial obligations so I was not able to get anything new for myself.  I'm not however going to let this get me down.  While other beauties out there are enjoying in the snow, or shopping for gifts, here I am in our very tropical living room trying to prep myself for the big day.  

Since we have not put up a Christmas tree this year, I've decided to exert my decorating panache on my nails.  It has also proven to be a good pick-me-upper.  I've also decided to offer my services to my cousin as an additional Christmas gift for her.  This is a good tip for ladies out there As well, do your loved ones’ nails as a present to them!
 So before I bombard you with nail porn, let me just tell you that Christmas is what you make it.  You can still definitely deck the halls in your blinged out nails without a single swipe of that Visa or Mastercard.

Please note that no pet was harmed during the shooting of these photos

It does not get any more Christmassy than these nails!

Materials Used


  1. Wow iamjenniya thnx again for visiting

  2. that looks nice!
    i am using the xl stamper because i find that it stamps easier than the others (which just frustrated me).