Saturday, February 2, 2013

Product Obsession 101 - Signs and Symptoms

Have you ever found yourself  lemming for something that you sometimes lose sleep over it?  I don't know about you, but I have!  My biggest product obsessions had been Melissa shoes and Curlformers!

Melissa Shoes and Curlformers - My Past Obsessions!

Here are the symptoms:

1) Online Exposure - I get my lemmings from my various innocent forays through  blogs.  I would aimlessly browse through different beauty blogs and if something tickles my fancy, the tiny niggling sensation would begin.  I got obsessed with curlformers when I learned about it from

2) The Itch -  When I learned about Curlformers, I got intrigued by how it promised to curl hair without heat! I was thinking that it could be a fix for my frizzy ends.  There was niggling feeling within me to find out more about the product .  I literally spent like 2 hours a day thinking of where I can purchase these as they were not sold here in the Philippies.

3) The Stalking - I know that I like a product well enough if I begin stalking review sites and blogs about it.  During my early stage of addiction to Melissa shoes, I would spend 4 hours a day looking at various photos and reviews about them.  I would also drop by Trinoma or Rustan's just to fit a pair!  The stalking stage was when I lost most hours of sleep.

4) The Justification -  I would not spend 1000 Php on make up but would not bat an eyelash forking over 5000 Php for shoes! And that exactly how I justified my used to be lucrative Melissa shoes obsession.

5) Desperation - I was desperate enough to get my hands on original Curlformers that I even considered borrowing or applying for my own credit card just to be able to order it online offshore.  Imagine that! I was also almost desperate to nab the then latest Melissa Patchuli Floc that I would lose sleep just trying to scour through different malls even if I still had to go to work that day.

6) Conscientious Purchase - One thing that I'm really proud of about myself is that I'm not an  impulsive shopper.  If I see something that I like, I would sleep over it first. If it's below 500 Php, then I just sleep over it for a day.  If it's really expensive like 4000 Php for shoes, I'd think it over for a minimum of a week.  If I still find myself lemming for that item, I would definitely purchase it.  I also make sure to check out different stores first before buying. This is why I hate shopping in Mall Of Asia because the mall is too big for me to shop around in!

Now that I know the symptoms, of course I also know the cure. Just like with all medical conditions, prevention is still better than cure.  To prevent my mind from lemming about something, if I know that payday is still days away, I stay away from shops and beauty blogs.



  1. Hahaha. Great post. Sobrang naka-relate ako dito. Naranasan ko to lahat. Sleepless nights hehe.

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