Sunday, November 25, 2012

Snoe Hair Heroes Honey Olive Clementine

I consider myself a Beauty Holy Grail questor.  I am always on the search for products that would work for me, especially my hair.  I've always had a hard time looking for a good shampoo.  My hair tends to frizz if not dried properly.  This has always been a problem for me. That was until I met another hero.  Snoe's Honey Olive Clementine Shampoo that is.

Hair Heroes Honey Olive Clementine Cream Shampoo

As with the much hyped about Snoe Argan Oil Cleansing Conditioner, this shampoo does not contain any sulfates.  This was what really caught my attention.  The lather from the shampoos that we are using contains sulfates, and this is what causes the foam.  Too much sulfate on the hair is bad as it just strips the natural oils from our scalp.  When the scalp is stripped, it tends to overcompensate by producing more oil.  So we tend to wash it away by using sulfate shampoos.  Oh what a vicious cycle! I've proven this to be true because I used to use Clear Anti dandruff shampoo (even though I don't have dandruff).  I liked the squeaky clean feel it gave my hair. On my hair's second day , I would notice that it would become super oily and lanky again.  When I combed my hair, I would notice a LOT of hair falling on the floor.  I used to comb my hair outside my room cause I did not want those pesky hairs on my bedroom floor (hehehe)

Details at the Back
Nice Consistency

Pump comes with a "stopper"

Since I switched to Snoe Cream Shampoo, I noticed LESS hairfall.  I use this prior to conditioning with Snoe Argan Oil Conditioner.  What I like about this shampoo is that even though it is sulfates free, it still somehow produces a bit of lather.  Don't expect to have a foamy head guys as this shampoo is not really meant to lather.  It is just meant to cleanse your hair.  If you really have bad product buildup on your hair, I suggest you use baking soda to clean your hair (do this sparingly as it opens up your cuticles and makes your hair dry).

I use about 6 pumps of this baby on my hair.  I mix it in a dipper (tabo) and then whisk it with my fingers to produce lather.  I then apply this on my hair concentrating on the roots.  I massage this on my hair for about 3 minutes.  I put 3 or 4 more pumps on my palm and then apply it on the roots.  I then rinse it completely.

After rinsing, my hair somehow becomes softer (even before using conditioner).  I guess for people with normal hair, you can get away with not following up with conditioner as this is moisturizing enough. It also has that bit of slip to allow you to comb through your hair even without conditioner.

If you think that this product is not potent enough to clean your hair, don't despair.  Try mixing a pinch (don't go overboard) of baking soda in a dipper.  Apply and lather as usual.  Follow up with an apple cider vinegar wash to close the cuticles.  If you want more moisture, apply your favorite conditioner.

Overall, I really love this product.  Hair Heroes Argan Conditioner and Hair Heroes Olive Clementine Shampoo make a good tandem.  No matter how moisturizing this shampoo is, it does not weigh my hair down.  The most important benefit of this is that I noticed less hair fall.  It also smells so divine (can't really describe it).

I heard from the grapevine that Snoe is going to discontinue this product to give way to other variants.  I'm not really sure if I'm going to hoard stocks of this as I want to give other Hair Heroes Variants a shot.  I especially like to try out their cleansing oil shampoo next as soon as I run out of this baby.
I've only used almost 1/4 of this bottle and I've had this for  almost a month now

Holy Grail Verdict:

Price: 399 Php
Effectiveness: 4/5
Packaging: 4/5 (I wish all the Hair Heroes variants just come in a regular cap, not pump)
Availability: 4/5
Holy Grail Material Factor: 4/5


  1. Hi! This is exactly what I'm looking for. Where can I buy this in manila? great review btw

  2. snoe is available in market market, also in cinderella glorietta